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The Flower Affect

Custom Floral Designs for Weddings and Events by June



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More about Your designers goals and how she communicates with her clientele

Posted on November 3, 2016 at 4:20 PM Comments comments (1038)

Setting goals for yourself or a company is the start to guiding your way to success. June quotes, “My goals as a floral designer is to keep on learning. There are so many different design styles and new techniques constantly evolving as well as new products.” In addition, she would like to offer additional services for her clientele.

Detailed oriented people are great people to work with because you have a better image of what you are expecting for a final product. June is not a detailed throughout her entire lifestyle but where she excels most is within her business, where she claims is most important especially for her clients. “I just love creating an arrangement or series of designs for an event to fit the personality of the client and/or event and adding the extra special attention it needs” June quotes.

Establishing great communication and information with clients makes business flow well. Asking June how she forms good communication, simply communicating with clients in any way with which ever is most convenient for the client. “Communication is so important to have your client so that you understand all the wants, desires and needs for their floral needs,” June explains. Adding to what she believes, she also will meet in person as many times as the client needs to address any additional ideas or changes to add to their floral needs at the event. “Communication is key!” As a great florist, June checks in with clients, if she has not heard from them to verify the order, is the same and no charges are required when the event date is approaching.

Tell Me about a calla Flower

Posted on November 3, 2016 at 4:20 PM Comments comments (988)

“It's called a Calla Lily,” June corrects after asking to tell me about a calla flower.“ Defined by your florist, “It is a trumpet shaped flower that works well in arrangements.” Calla Lily flower comes in a variety of colors, shades of green, pink, purple, yellow and orange. The Calla Lily is a perennial plant that grows from a bulbous roots or tubers, which are poisonous. If you have small children and/or pets please use caution when growing your own calla lilies. Even though they are called lilies, they are not an actual lily. “A Calla Lily in an arrangement signifies magnificence and beauty. Calla comes from the Greek term for beautiful,” June adds. Calla lilies defiantly make a statement in any floral arrangement or bouquet.

Tell me about a time when you made an error on an arrangement. How did you fix the arrangement and please the customer?

Posted on November 3, 2016 at 4:15 PM Comments comments (3148)

When it comes to a work of art you are going to have trial and errors for the final product, odd being in your favor of success or trial two. June is a very flexible worker especially when the final product doesn't come out to par. She will start over from scratch as many times as needed to make her client one-hundred percent satisfied. For example, June states, “I was working on prom corsages and the client had a light coral dress and had requested coral flowers to match the dress.” At the time, June was unable to get a light coral flower from her wholesaler. It was later in the evening when she made the corsage and she used an orange flower as a replacement. “I presented the corsage to the mother when she picked it up the next morning and explained the situation and had suggested that I could make another corsage using an accent color flower if the orange did not match well with the coral dress,” June Shared. Being as flexible as June is, she suggested the client bring the corsage home to determine if the corsage would match the dress. The corsage did not match the dress, June cut and tied a new corsage using the new colors to accent the dress, June shares “The client was very happy with the outcome!” Working with June will keep you satisfied with your final arrangements even if there are a trial and error like her prom client.

Meet Your Florist

Posted on October 4, 2016 at 4:15 PM Comments comments (1323)

Creations inspired by something so beautiful and cheerful, meet June, your florist at The Flower Affect. A local florist in the Twin Cities area, June will bring your mental image of a perfect floral arrangement or bouquet to life. June specializes in bringing the floral “bling” to your wedding day and other special events.

It takes someone with an extra special touch to cut, twist and tie these uplifting arrangements to customize your floral designs. In asking your florist, “what do you love about your job?” June quotes, “I love working with flowers and how can you not want to work with something that is so beautiful and cheerful! You can be having a bad day or moment, open the cooler and just smell and see all the flowers. It is an instant “pick me up!” In addition, I get great satisfaction from designing and creating an arrangement. I also love the feeling of when someone receives a bouquet, you know it is just brightens their day!”

As a little girl, June had informal experience putting boutiques together, where she would pick and cut flowers from her mother’s garden. She started taking floral design classes five years ago. In addition, she attends floral shows, seminars and watches online videos for new trends and colors. June shared, “The best way for me to learn was learning on the job, getting advice and tricks of the trade from other individuals who have worked in the industry.”

I inquired from June what her favorite flower is (assuming all florists have a favorite to work with). She states, “My favorite flower is an Astra purple (purple daisy).” She also likes white daisies, which was also her mother's favorite flower whose garden inspired June. “Daisies are simple and pure, they also last extremely well in cut bouquets, corsages and boutonnieres”, June shares.

The Flower Affect is different from other local floral businesses as it is a home studio and not a storefront. This enables pricing to be very competitive. In addition, working in a home studio allows her to be completely focused on your event without interruption of incoming customers. June does all the designing herself and meets with her customers face-to-face. She is very hands on and, when requested, will do sample arrangements for her clients so they will have a visual of the final product.